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"Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in
the quietest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey". - Pat Conroy

The experience of sustainable tourism that you will take is a unique and unforgettable journey, so we offer a special service for keeping it on your memories: your personalized travel diary.
The Travel diary meets your experiences, anecdotes, itineraries and photos in a book printed and bound carefully by hand. Do not forget your camera and a notepad. Returning from your trip we can meet in person or virtually so you tell us your experiences and share your photos. We also will add some interesting details of the places visited; and of course, we will make a careful editing and retouching of all your photos, as well as other graphic elements (entrances, tickets, etc.) to build your travel journal. Before printing it you may view it in PDF to confirm or propose changes you consider necessary.
To be considered:
• The Travel Diary can be arranged individually or in groups. If you are part of a group tour we can organize one diary and then print as many copies as required. 
• The designs are customized, we will agree to design your book (or group´s book) as similar as possible to your personality, style and tastes.
• Face to face meetings are needless, we can move forward with the project in virtual form (skype, mail, etc.)
• We send the book by mail to your place of residence.
• The Diary might be included in the travel package or you can perform it independently.
• If you want to have your previous trip´s Diary, of course we can also build them.
• To make your photos look better technically we give a short review with key tips to consider when taking them.
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