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ViajaRSE Open

ViajaRSE proposes to involve individually and in groups into an inner exploration through dynamically and experientially trips with workshops that will guide the participants into a personal and essential research. With a professional team, it focuses in different kinds of experiences: the group will dive into techniques, arts and introspective.

The participants will acquire tools and competences for emotional management, limiting beliefs and fears, in a respectful and harmonious way according to the values and needs of each person. Transporting into another space and cultural context different to the known, will allow you to have a contact with nature through a sustainable looking.

ViajaRSE counts with two types of trips:

  1. RSE: Aimed to Companies/Organizations, where the professional topic will come from the company requirements, based in content that will be previously accorded. RSE in Spanish refers to Corporate Social Responsibility
  2. Individual: To anyone who wants to join the proposition given by ViajaRSE.

These programs will be followed by:

  • Holistic coach.
  • Artistic/recreational coach.
  • Technical staff according to the subject.
  • Mater Sustentable’s coordinator, logistics responsible and group auxiliary.
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