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Volunteering To Involve

Opportunity to self-realization

Our programs are organized according to the volunteer’s concern, time of dedication and geographic location preferences. We work with different organizations: children, young and adult care centers, NGO’s, neighborhood organizations, work nets, rural tourism, communities, health centers and different social projects that need volunteer support and collaboration to carry out an extensive job.

How is our job?

Mater Sustentable officiates as a “bridge” between organizations and possible volunteers. Once we known the volunteers profile, we give them the options according his/her training, experience or field of study, Spanish level and working area preferences. Afterwards, we define the program goals, detecting the specific needs of the collaboration project, listing global activities to develop and possible fields where the volunteer could work or small projects inside the volunteering program goal. At the same time, the coaches of the program will be defined.

Other services that complement the Volunteering Program:

  • Accommodation search (the rent cost is paid by the volunteer).
  • Visa counselling and work permissions as a volunteer in Argentina.
  • Talks on “cultural shock”, to know about local traditions, idioms, safety recommendations, transportation and other volunteer’s daily life issues.
  • Dinner welcome.
  • Coaching in the first working day (and during the project if necessary).
  • Following and final evaluation of the Volunteering Program.
  • Tour and trip organization in Argentina.
  • Participation in cultural events, fairs, music, etc.
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Buenos Aires, Argentina
(54 11) 4706-1389